Another Amazing Achievment in Geekdom Using the Microvision SHOWWX

Two major techno geeks have managed to use the Microvision SHOWWX laser projector to create a virtual reality gaming environment.  First off, this little laser projector is a work of art.  You’ll see in the videos how tiny this thing is, yet it projects an amazing picture.  The first guy uses his iPhone 3GS to project its images and play a flying game.  Pretty freaking neat, check it out.

iPhone 3GS Virtual Reality Part 1




Now this next guy, Nirav Patel, takes this concept to a whole new level.  He’s managed to use the Wii controller and some attachments to create a virtual shooter.  This stuff really is awesome.  Yes, it’s a waste of time, but how can you not be amazed by what these geeks have accomplished?  Check out Patel’s demo below.

Virtual Shooter Using Microvision SHOWWX


Give these guys a hand, at least for being creative, if anything.  This only proves my point that geeks are the new progressives who will push our technology further into the future.  We truly are starting to see innovations that only used to be in the movies.  Not to mention the Microvision SHOWWX is freaking awesome!  It’s a projector in the palm of your hands!  Grab one now!  You’ve seen the future…

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Via [Joystiq]


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