After resistance from North Korea, a hacking outbreak, and movie theaters pulling the film from shows, Sony has scrapped a theatrical release of The Interview. The film stars Seth Rogen and James Franco as a producer and TV talk show host who are granted an interview with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The CIA then hatches a plan to use them to kill Jong-un, which, naturally, displeased the real Kim Jong-un. Since then, threats have been made against theaters that show the film, and it’s rumored that the Sony hack was done by North Korean cyber-spies. Just this morning, leaked footage of Kim Jong-un’s death scene was made available on the NY Post.

Now there’s another North Korea movie being scrapped, this time by Regency. An untitled thriller starring Steve Carell and directed by Gore Verbinski was to start production in March, but has been declined by Fox for distribution. Regency had a three movie deal with Verbinski, but that has been amended for two films.

It seems for now the only people that have been capable of killing off a North Korean leader on film has been Trey Parker and Matt Stone and their puppets in Team America: World Police. There is a theater in Texas that has chosen to show that film in place of The Interview.

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