Another Steeler Goes Clubbing: The Wrong Way!

Let me preface this rant by divulging my allegiance to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I’m a life long fan and take the team and its actions very seriously, so I’m may come off as a little harsh in this article.  I can’t believe what has been happening to this team and its star players over the past few months.  Big Ben, aka Ben Rapelisberger, has gotten himself in another bit of trouble involving women, and now one of his top receivers has made some press of his own.

It seems Santonio Holmes, the former Super Bowl MVP, has also got into some shit at a nightclub in Orlando.  I guess he attacked some chic for sitting in “his” seat in the VIP section of the Rain nightclub.  Allegedly, he threw his glass of booze at some girl’s face and it cut her open.  If this is true I’m starting to feel that the Steelers are in a world of hurt and need to get their shit together as an organization.  I mean this is stuff for Pacman Jones or Plaxico Buress to get involved in.

What has happened to this once classy organization?  What the hell is Mike Tomlin doing or not doing for that matter?  He’s got a superstar QB who is dumb enough to get in more trouble involving women after he had to fend off rape allegations last year.  Now he’s got a star WR allegedly assaulting women for sitting in his seat.

For a fan this trend is becoming very disturbing.  Let’s be honest, the Steelers have been one of the most dominating teams over the past 15 years.  This team is capable of winning a Super Bowl any season if they can stay out of the tabloids.  Now they’re capable of winning the coveted title, “The NFL’s team with the most F’ups”.

To the Steelers I say, “Get your shit together”.  When you think your above the law and get yourself in the tabloids for acting like a jerkoff you end up losing to the Bengals twice and Cleveland.  Who the hell does that?

You’ve been enlightened…

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