Anthem Now Bundled With Xbox One S Systems

I didn’t really think that I’d be seeing any new bundles of consoles and games considering how close we are to the next generation of consoles. It seems like the PS5 may release as early as next year, and maybe even the next Xbox.

I will say, however, that new consoles, even the ones that aren’t in 4k, are still kinda expensive. The fact that a new Xbox One S, even with a game bundled in is $300 is kind of off-putting. This bundle should be $250, tops, at this point in the console’s lifespan, even though the game is new and is slightly better than the base version of the game.

The bundle comes with the Legion of Dawn Edition of the game, a month of Xbox Live, and a month of (yawn) EA Access. It seems like an overpriced last-ditch effort to sell some Xbox One S consoles that haven’t moved yet. You can check out the official release here if you want, though I’m not sure who’s buying an Xbox One S for Anthem of all games, especially at that price.

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Nathaniel Smyth

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