Anthem VIP Demo Trailer – Pre-Order And Play Sooner

Anthem is one of the scariest games of the year for me because I so desperately want it to be as good as it looks. As is the way with a whole lot of AAA games these days, if you pre-order it, you get access to the VIP demo with 3 friend passes.

Of course that would be better if I had friends but that’s a depressing story for another uninteresting post.

It looks extremely good so far though, and apparently already has like 90 awards… but I don’t know how because it’s not out yet. Which probably means that all of that is just fluff and a bunch of people that are so excited for something that doesn’t exist that they prematurely scored it 10/10. Anyhoo, per-order the game and play it sooner, or don’t and just wait for the game to actually come out.

I hate EA for making me so on-the-fence about this game because if it was made and published by anyone else I would just be unabashedly excited.

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