Antoine Dodson’s 15 Mintues Will Not Go Away…

I’m guessing most of you already know who Antoine Dodson is, and if you don’t, check this out to see how he was discovered and then check this out to see what made him famous.  Grant it, he put out one of the best viral videos of the summer with his news interview and subsequent Bed Intruder auto-tune remix, but should he really still be in the limelight?  He’s famous for being a ding-dong!  Antoine has managed to extend his 15 minutes of fame like I’ve never seen before when it comes to dummies on the Web doing ridiculous stuff.  His auto-tuned news report has sold millions of singles on iTunes, he sells a costume of his bandanna and wife beater, he appeared on the BET music awards and performed a live version of his song, and now he’s a spokesman for a new smartphone app!

Talk about living the American dream.  Mr. Dodson was a nobody until some jerk broke into his house and tried to assault his sister.  He has spun this unfortunate event into one of the greatest rags to riches stories I’ve ever seen.  I would say that if you have an Internet connection you have seen Antoine and his famous tune.  Some musical artists don’t get the exposure he has received.  Will this guy’s 15 minutes of fame ever go away, or has Antoine become our next American Idol?  Check out his new gig below, which has him slinging smartphone apps that warn you of sexual predators.  Honestly, he’s damn good at it and I bet this particular sex offender app does well.  If anything he’s got charisma and a personality.  You’ve been punching yourself with disgust that Antoine has made it and you haven’t…


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