Apex Legends has officially become the new poster child for battle royale games, and after only a couple weeks, has a new addition. The Havoc rifle is a new energy rifle that you can now find on the battlefield. By default, it’s very similar to Devotion, in that it has to spin up a little bit to fire. However, it’s got two hop-ups that can be added to it to really bring out the potential it has.

You can pick up the Selectfire to enable a single shot charge mode for the rifle. This can be used for quickly taking down a enemy if you can manage to land a couple of fully-charged shots on them. You can also get the turbocharger to eliminate the spin-up needed for firing on automatic mode. I’ve already had a chance to try the rifle out myself and I can say that it’s alright without the add-ons. Once you get those attachments though, this thing is like a Swiss Army knife, it’s got so many uses.

Players should fear a fully-upgraded Havoc, because it can be deadly at pretty much any range. Check out the trailer above and let us know if you’ve had a chance to use it yet and what you think!

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