Apple and Google Are Planning to Take Over the Universe!

At this point in time Apple and Google have to be the top two technological companies pushing the gadget envelope year in and year out.  Apple seems to start revolutions in gadgetry while Google builds upon them to make them better.  Microsoft is in there somewhere, but outside of the Kinect they really haven’t changed much with their cutting edge tech lately.

I found a video of the 3 companies all planning their own strategies to have their toys be the number one choice in every galaxy our known universe has to offer.  I love the fandom that these 3 companies have spawned.  You know you are a cultural phenomenom when you have fans of your products defend them like they were dear family members.  Look down below to see one such fanboys’ interpretation of all 3 of these technical giants.  You’ve been loving that little green robot that Google has latched onto…


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