Apple Fanboys Turn on One of Their Own Over a Droid

You have to love the passion people have for a particular company, or a line of products.  With these radicals you’d often think they were actually on the payroll of the companies they vehemently defend in social settings, or on the Internet, because they’re so blindly committed to the cause regardless if they’re right or not.  Apple fanboys tend to be the most outspoken and for that matter arrogant when it comes to their beloved company, therefore they tend to get picked on more often than the other loyal fan bases.  I don’t try and target them, but it always seems so easy because they make it that way.

For example, I recently came across a wall post from one of my well known Apple fanboy buddies who did the unthinkable for any fan of Apple.  Fed up with his iPhone 4’s on-going issues, he made the executive decision to jump ship and get on board with the Droid life by scoring a Droid X.  To me this is monumental because it showed me that Apple fanboys, or any fanboy, could change their tune, which is something I never thought I’d see.  Plus I’m an open Fandroid and not ashamed to admit to that, so I was pleased to see that this once Apple fanboy with his Steve Job blinders on, saw that the grass may in fact be greener on the other side of the smartphone fence.

Unfortunately, for this particular convert he didn’t receive the same reaction from Apple nation.  Comment after comment on his wall post were indicative of the wrath any Apple fan will face if they try something outside of what Apple can provide.  You would of thought that this guy just posted “I hate puppies, America, and the little baby Jesus!” by the way people were reacting to his announcement of switching to the Droid X.  Calls for treason were issued and in some of their eyes I think this particular fanboy may have lost some Apple cred.  Take a look of the post and the hate that ensued below.  I’ve removed all names and faces for fear of any further retribution from the Jobs army.  In fact I don’t even know if this convert is still alive or unharmed.  Jobs may have sent his iPhone Ninjas to teach this traitor a lesson!

Apple nation you crack me up, but I get it.  I stand behind my companies as well, but at least I can admit if something may be better than what my comapny is currently offering.  It is OK if you think that another company may be offering a better device than your beloved Apple.  I would surely consider Apple products if I felt that they’d make my life better off than say an Android, BB, or Windows product.  Sometimes change is good, but I understand that sometimes familiarity is worth more than functionality.  You’ve been tarred and feathered 21st century style…
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