Apple Getting Some Heat From the Feds?

It seems Apple and Steve Jobs are starting to get some attention from the Federal government for their move to block thrid-party toolkits and middleware, such as Flash, from being used to develop apps for the iPhone and iPad.  More or less Apple’s stance is do it our way, or go pound salt.  I guess this may lead to an antitrust suit against Apple, and its new policy of limiting how other companies develop software for use on Apple mobile devices.

This isn’t official yet, but a source told the New York Post that the Federal Trade Comission and the Department of Justice are deciding which agency should look into a possible antitrust lawsuit.  The basis behind this is that Apple is limiting what platforms developers can create stuff for.  This could lead to certain companies establishing a monopoly over Apple mobile device software creation.

Nothing is official yet, and if this does go down, I wouldn’t expect any sort of ruling for many months, if not years.  We’re talking about the government here, does anything move fast in D.C.?  I’ll keep abreast of the situation and fill you Apple fanboys in when I hear something new.  You’ve been challenged Apple…

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