Apple Has an App That Will Make Your Junk Grow – For Men

Yeah, I’m not making this up to take a dig at the almighty Apple.  There really is an app on their platform that promises enlargement through hypnosis for men’s private parts.  In fact the app description reads:

“Enlarge your penis effortlessly with hypnosis. Do you want to enlarge your penis with the push of a button?”

Who the hell wouldn’t?  Good thing for all of the ladies out there that this is probably a crock of sh*t, or they’d have to hide in fear of meeting another guy with a foot long dong!  The app is very creepy, which you’ll be able to see in the video below.  Basically, some dude just keeps talking to you about how strong your mind can be in regards to wiener growing.  Sure the mind is a key part of making it grow period, but to actually make it grow larger than it ever has been?

Who comes up with this sh*tware, and more importantly who would even install it?  It is free so no real money loss on the deal, but I’d still question anyone I knew that downloaded this app outside of using it as a way to break the ice.  You know, “Hey, check this free app out, some creep keeps telling me that my d*ck can grow longer while I use it, you wanna try it out?”  I can now see men all across the world listening to their iPhones with a look of deep concentration blanketing their faces as they try to convince themselves that they don’t have little schlongs.  You’ve been amazed that Apple lets crap like this in, yet they don’t use Flash…


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