Apple: Hey Bill Remember When You Stole From Us?

One of the Entertainment Buddha Disciples sent me a great follow up tidbit for the iPhone OS4 post.  It seems Apple is taking a page right out of Bill Gates’s playbook and stealing the achievements and other great features of Microsoft’s Xbox Live Service for use on the iPhone.  All is fair in love and war right?  Regardless, of the petty fanboy discussions on who created what first, I think it’s a great move on Apple’s behalf.

With younger generations basically playing games as infants, the gamer population has exploded and companies are starting to realize this and nurture it.  Gamers are no longer social outcasts.  Our dollar is now worth something to the large corporations that crave it, so expect gaming to finally get the recognition it deserves as one of the prime forms of entertainment in the 21st century.  Apple is major company already trying to capture gamers hearts and drive more [slider title=”iDevice”]iDevice – Refers to the Apple family of products that start with ‘i’.  iPod, iPhone, iPad, iPoop, ok I made the last one up, but I’d bet Apple could make it cool.[/slider] sales via this new mantra.

It seems with the release of OS 4 for the iPhone and iPad, Apple will be incorporating its Game Center.  Like I mentioned before Apple’s Game Center is almost a dead nuts clone of the Xbox Live service from MS.  There will be leaderboards, matchmaking, friends lists, achievements, etc, for the iPhone’s various games.  Apple is really trying to push their devices as real deal portable game systems, and I feel this is a move in the right direction.  What gamer doesn’t love achievements for their hard work and loss of valuable life?  Gamers and Apple fans can expect iPhone OS 4 to be released this summer.

You’ve been enlightened…

Via [MacRumors]


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