Apple Letting Loose on App Development Restrictions

No, Steve isn’t allowing Flash plugins, but he is easing up on the stiff regulations that Apple had in place for App development.  This announcement has given some life to Adobe’s stock price, which before this was on the way down because Lord Jobs basically banned their asses from doing anything on iDevices.  Devs will now be able to use Flash and other tools to package apps.  Although, if they do use Flash it will still have to go through an Apple compiling program called the Adobe Packager.  I’d say Apple is still miles away from an open standard such as the Android OS, but it’s nice to see them trying to play nice.

Why have they changed their stance you may ask?  One word, gaming!  With their launch of Game Center Apple is trying to capture more of the mobile gaming market.  The only problem is that most mobile games use Flash as their base tool-set.  If Apple didn’t lax their standards they would be eliminating a majority of gaming developers.  Once again gamers have led the charge for change!  Who says gaming isn’t the #1 form of entertainment these days?  There’s nothing bigger than getting Apple to change it stance, so cheers to our passion.

Just to be clear this announcement doesn’t mean that iDevices will be running Flash in their browsers.  That is still a no-no.  All it means is that more of the Apps submitted for review will now get approved because of the new standards.  If you want a semi-functioning Flash environment on a mobile device you only have Android based phones to choose from.  You’ve been granted permission to have the honor of developing apps for Apple…

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