Apple May Pay Foxconn Slaves a Little More Dough!

Through some recent suicides and general unhappiness at the Foxconn plant, Apple may start paying this manufacturer some direct subsidies.  I mean these Chinese workers already make $132 bucks a month, so I don’t know what they’re upset about, but it’s nice to know that Apple may throw them a bone to chew on.  No wonder China is kicking our ass!  They pay workers sweatshop sized salaries, yet they make a majority of our high-end goods, which nets the country buku dollars.

They’re learning from us very well except the fact that we treated people like this 100 years ago, and have since given in to human rights.  Go figure, you treat people nicely and eventually your country struggle to export anything, and in return buys everything from a country that treats people like cattle.  Such is life when it comes to making some scratch.

At least Apple is considering giving a measly 1 to 2 percent of retail sales to the Foxconn employees directly.  That will at least net these factory workers another few bags of rice each month, and maybe stave off a few more suicides.  I think just this year over 9 Foxconn workers have whacked themselves.  Could making iPhones really be that bad?  Yes, if you live in China.  You’ve had some light shed on the big picture…

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