Apple Working On Its Own Flash Alternative?

Reports have come in that Apple is developing its own alternative to Flash.  Looks like Adobe will be taking another hit in the pocket-book.  Gianduia, as it’s being called, is Apple’s supposed answer to Flash.  They revealed it last year at the WWDC, but it now sounds like development is ramping up so it can be implemented on Apple’s mobile devices.  The new Apple tech is described as being “a client-side, standards-based framework for rich Internet apps.”

We all know Jobs loves standards, especially the ones he doesn’t have to pay for, and it doesn’t hurt that his company will have complete control over it.  It looks like Steve is on his way to worldwide mobile-web domination, Gianduia style, WTF that means.  You’ve had a fork stuck in you Adobe…

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Via [Cnet]


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