Aquaman Rooftop Fight Gets Remade as a Retro Video Game Scene

One of the cooler action beats from Aquaman is when he and Mera are being chased over rooftops in Italy, and now you can watch that moment play out again in 16-bit form! As in old school video game action!

This remake comes from Mr. Sunday Movies, but it was actually created by John Stratman, who has essentially mastered this art form over the past few years. We’ve posted pretty much every retro video game remake he’s worked on, so the dude is a pixel art cinematic master!

Check out the Genesis version of Aquaman above!

About the Video

The Aquaman rooftop fight scene and chase is a big highlight of the 2018 film. So this is that but in 16 bit. You get it. This animation was done by with music by Definitely check out both John and Kenny. Or else.

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