Arcade1Up is easily one of the coolest companies that I got to hang out with at E3 this year, I was blown away with what they’re doing. We all know that, unfortunately, arcades as we knew them 20-25 years ago are becoming a thing of the past, save for in a few places. I live in New Hampshire and luckily am only 30 minutes away from Funspot, which is technically the largest arcade in the world. They’ve got a metric ass-ton of game cabinets in there, along with bowling, air hockey, skee-ball, and the like. There’s still a lot of classics that they DON’T have in there though, and even for arcade goers, you might feel like you’re missing a few good games there.

That’s just me, though, for a whole lot of people, there probably aren’t any real arcades outside of maybe a Dave & Buster’s anywhere near them. Arcade1Up hears the cries of you and I and they have a solution for us, and it gave me butterflies when we talked about it. They’re building arcade cabinet sets that you can buy and very easily assemble, and they look awesome when fully put together. They’ve got 4 games built into each one, too, so you don’t have to have a ton of these in your home to have a ton of games. They’ve got awesome cabinet art, too, and stand about four feet tall (you can purchase a riser for the cabinets though, that they will also sell you). Either way, honestly, I liked them, the buttons and everything felt authentic, and the screens were really pleasant to look at.

The main cabinet that I got to play was their Final Fight cabinet, which includes Final Fight, and three other class Capcom games. I’ll be adding some fact sheets about each of their available cabinets below for you to all check out! It was so exciting to see some of these games on new arcade cabinets, and seeing a bunch of them all lined up was really neat. I hope one day I have a house with a bunch of these cabinets in it, they’re so cool and look so awesome. Check them out, I put a link at the beginning of this post, with the fact sheets below, and let us know if you want one for yourself!

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