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Arcade1Up, in case you didn’t know, are the evil geniuses behind the 3/4 scale arcade cabinets you may have been seen in Wal Mart recently. I got my hands on these things while I was at E3, and I thought they were awesome back then, such a joy to look at, to play, and share with others. They’ve got a whole line of these machines, and for more information on my thoughts back then, go here!

These wonderful people have sent me their Street Fighter II: Championship Edition arcade cabinet. It has Street Fighter II: Championship Edition, Super Street Fighter II,  and Street Fighter II Turbo. These games all run exactly as you would expect them to, the emulation is damn good here, I love it. The machine boots up to a menu where you simply pick which game you want, and by holding down the 1-player button, you can return to that menu at any time. You can also simply reset the game you’re currently playing just by holding down the 2-player button, it’s all very easy to work with. The controls feel great, the joysticks and buttons are all very responsive and the joystick is clicky, sounds real nice. Playing with a friend is an absolute blast, it feels every bit as good as going to the local arcade and doing it there. Except there’s less sticky stuff on the cabinet, no pizza grease, unless you count the pizza rolls I made, but we don’t talk about that.

Old Glory

The design of the cabinet is spot-on, it looks like it just rolled right out of the arcade, albeit after getting hit with a shrink-ray. It’s 3/4 scale, so elbow room hasn’t really been sacrificed when playing with a friend, I never felt cramped or anything at all. The volume can be controlled right from the control panel above the buttons, which is nice, and I can imagine having the whole set of these running would be audio bliss. Nothing really ever does beat the sound of a room full of games playing their start menu demo over and over. The size also means that you can have a handful of these in one room, and the weight makes them not an absolute bear to move. It says that they weigh 63 pounds each on the website, and they very well might, but the way the weight is distributed works well. This is a well-designed piece of gaming art that looks absolutely banger in any nerd room.

Now, for what people are probably worried about the most, PUTTING IT TOGETHER.

This thing came together in no time!

It’s actually extremely easy, my bed frame that I bought on Amazon was harder to put together, if I’m being perfectly honest. Then only thing that you will need is your own screwdriver, and that is it (not the electric kind either, you might over-righted and mess up the wood). There is little to no electronic equipment inside the box, there’s the screen and a small box attached to it where the fun comes out of. That has to be hooked up to the joystick component, which is super simple, it’s just one big ribbon plug. Then you run the power cord out of the hole in the back of the machine, plug it in, and you’ve got a wonderful new addition to your home. The one thing I do recommend is to pick up the stool that they also sell on their website (or just any small stool really). Either that, or you can order a riser for the machine to make it friendly to people who prefer to stand up (who invited them?) I’ll probably pick up a stool for myself and a friend rather than get a riser, because if I get other cabinets, I can move the stools a lot more easily.

She’s purdy.

I whole-heartedly recommend these cabinets to those that enjoy the games available in them, as well as those that can afford them. They’re 300 bucks a pop, so they’re not exactly cheap, but the emulation is fantastic in them, they look immaculate, they feel and look great, and so on. I can definitely see a room full of these things in my future, they’re so cool, so much fun, and a hell of a reason to get some friends over for some arcade action!

Arcade1Up is available at several major retailers for pre-order right now, and will be available for retail September 25th.

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