It seems as if the VR gaming movement has slowed a bit in recent months, which is more than likely due to the lack of compelling experiences to play. Arca’s Path VR may not be a hardware seller for VR, but it’s for damn sure one of the more fun experiences I’ve had in the medium since picking up my PSVR a few years back. It’s a bit short, but still worth the investment, so please check out my full review below, which was recorded directly from my PSVR headset.

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Hey now VR gamers, Matt Heywood here from to review Arca’s Path VR, or what I like to call a meditative Marble Madness.

The VR revolution that was supposed to sweep the gaming-scape has waned a bit, mostly due to software still not being compelling enough to coax casual gamers into the medium, but there are still new experiences worth checking out in VR.

One of these experiences is the newly released Arca’s Path VR from Dream Reality and Rebellion, which after playing, reminded me why I’m a fan of VR gaming experiences in the first place.

Its motion-comic-style story is a bit forgettable, but its serviceable to move along the highly enjoyable gameplay, which to me is equivalent to Marble Madness in VR set to a TRON-like soundtrack with organic, vibrant looking environments.

Arca’s Path succeeds in being a great VR experience because it doesn’t rely on gimmicks to keep you entertained. In fact, you don’t even really use a controller, you just use your head, which quite frankly makes it very easy to slip away into its serene world and get lost in it.

You’re tasked with guiding a sphere through levels featuring twisty-turny paths that are full of obstacles, switches, and pickups. You do so with your head, or gaze may be more appropriate, so you literally look to where you want the ball to roll, and it will follow. You can increase the speed the sphere travels by looking way ahead on a route, or you can decrease by reversing your gaze’s direction.

This may sound like a clunky experience, but it’s actually one of the most natural interactions I’ve ever had with a VR game. By keeping my hands out of the mix, I was able to fully immerse myself into Arca’s Path’s world, which allowed me to slip away from reality as I listened to a soundtrack that sounded like it came straight out of TRON’s Grid. It really offers a beautiful gameplay experience that is also very rewarding feeling. It may sound simple, but I found myself gritting my teeth and clenching my butthole on more than a few perilous runs, so don’t think this game is one you can just breeze through.

The gameplay is rather simple to pickup at first, but takes patience to master, especially if you want to tackle the Time Trial modes, which open up after you’ve collected all gems on a particular Story mission level. I’m not usually a pickups type of gamer, but I found seeking out each crystal in this game to really add to each level’s fun factor. You could easily blow through this game’s story in about two hours because there are only 25 total levels, but if you are a completionist, picking up ever crystal in the game will net you at least another hour or two of gameplay. Plus it will open up all of the game’s Time Trial challenges, so I highly recommend getting risky and going for hard to reach gems in every new level you face.

Arca’s Path VR is truly a fantastic VR gaming experience. It’s unique gaze-based control system coupled with its level design and audio just make for a very well rounded journey. I would’ve liked the final level to have felt a bit more epic to signal the game was coming to a close, but overall I don’t have any real complaints. Arca’s Path VR gets an 8.5 out of 10 review score from Team EB. If you’ve been looking for a reason to dust off your VR headset, but want to try something a bit unique, then you can’t go wrong in helping Arca along her path.

Thanks for watching, Matt Heywood here for, where we make you a better geek, one post at a time.


Review Summary

Story - 6.5
Gameplay - 9.5
Graphics - 8.5
Sound - 9.5
Entertainment Value - 8.5



Arca's Path VR's use of gaze controls really helps to make it feel unique but intuitive. It's a bit short, but still well worth the investment for the meditative experience it provides.


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