‘ARCA’S PATH VR’ The Future of Running Games

Now at your first glance of this teaser for ARCA’S PATH VR I’m feeling that this looks like a they’re taking a hard retry at that older mobile game Temple Run. You play as a girl (who so far has no name) and your goal is to escape ARCA this virtual world that you’re trapped in, by following the path before you using your skill, instinct, and awareness to get you through unscathed. Linear gameplay? Well, you’re literally running on a line so you tell me, but we’ll wait and see what happens as this is just a teaser trailer anyhow.

ARCA’S PATH is being published by UK studio Rebelion and developed by Dream Reality Interactive, a London-based studio and a VR heavy hitter that produced PS VR’s biggest selling title. It’s being released on PlayStation VR, Steam VR, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go and Gear VR this year. So, wow, looks like you guys really have your pick of the liter for what you can play it on. Keep an eye out on here and we’ll keep you posted about ARCA’S PATH!

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