‘Archie’ Comic Getting Rebooted for 75th Anniversary

Archie Andrews is almost 75 years old and will get a facelift in 2015 when the Archie comic book gets rebooted. As first announced in the New York Times, the book that started the Archie Comics publishing company is going to start from scratch. While Archie has had modern tales like Afterlife with Archie and has met the Punisher, this is the first time that the flagship book will start over.
archie1_art2After taking over for his father in 1999, chief executive and publisher Jon Goldwater felt as though the Riverdale gang needed to be modernized. “I found Archie to be dusty, irrelevant and watered-down. It has taken me a while to really wrap my hands around where we are as a brand.” Archie Andrews was first introduced in 1941 in Pep Comics #22, and his 75th ‘birthday’ marked the opportunity to revitalize the Rivderdale teens.

Perhaps the biggest part of the announcement is the all-star creative team assigned to help bring Archie back into relevance with writer Mark Waid (Daredevil, The Flash) and Fiona Staples (Saga). Waid’s goal is to make the stories have a more contemporary teenager feel to them. “Over the years, some of the sharp edges have been sanded off. They are kids, and they should act as kids.”

Recent efforts, like the darker Afterlife with Archie, have helped the Archie Comics company boost bookstore sales 736 percent and direct market sales 226 percent since 2008. The reboot, along with a story penned by Girls creator Lena Dunham also in 2015, are the latest moves to help give Archie a boost. The Archie book recently hit issue #662 and the rebooted #1 is expected sometime in 2015.

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