Google and YouTube have made some major revisions to the look and feel of the YouTube site, and as usual some users have their panties in a bunch.  For the most part the changes mainly altered the look of the site taking it from the boring old white background to the less boring light grey background, but there are other changes well.  These are mainly in how you view the homepage of YouTube, your own channel, and other people’s channels.

Now when you visit if you have an account, and you’re logged in, you’ll see an entirely new interface that allows you to quickly see new subscription content, and other social networking functions.  The last major changes come in the form of a design change to your own channel, as well as the look of other YouTube users’ channels.  Once again the new grey look is present in these views, as well as a modular look added to the various buttons that used to be simple links.

Overall, I think I’m down with the changes.  YouTube doesn’t look as generic as it used to.  The new visual overhauls give it a modular feel that wasn’t present before, which makes it feel more legit in some odd way.  I also like the new homepage, which gives you that “one stop shop” functionality making it easy to see what’s new and intriguing on all of your subscribed channels.  You can also view trends to quickly identify the hottest viral video of the day.  If you haven’t been to the Tube since the changes I’ve posted the new screens below for you to study.  Let us know what you think of the changes by leaving your input in the comments section below.  You’ve been resistant to change…

YouTube’s New Homepage

 New look of your own YouTube Channel

New look of other user’s channels


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