Arena Shooter Toxikk Gets Massive New Update

Arena shooters seem to be making quite the comeback as of late, but one such shooter many gamers appear to be loving comes from the veteran game developers found at Reakktor Studios. Toxikk takes the classic formula of a fast paced game such as Quake, and adds its own special touches to make it stand out loud and proud. If the gameplay was not enough though, then in the graphics department Toxikk excels. Reakktor appear to be taking the game very seriously indeed, and if you have not already checked out the game for yourself then now would be a very good time to.

Earlier this week the team dropped a huge content update for the game introducing several new features to an already loaded game. The large changes to Toxikk include 5 brand new vehicles, a new weapon and a huge new map titled Twin Peaks.

Toxikk is currently available in Steam Early Access, but aims to launch around mid 2015.

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