Artillery Announces Browser Based Platform, Project Atlas Beta


Artillery, a new start-up, is looking to change the way that people play their video games. The team at Artillery has just unveiled their new gaming platform, featuring the ability to turn any modern web browser into a gaming powerhouse – producing console quality games with complete ease of access.

The browser-based experience Artillery hopes to provide for is focused on two key points; little to no loading times or installation and providing a AAA multiplayer experience that everyone can access. The Artillery platform aims to transform how the games industry works, making HTML5 viable in terms of game development.

According to Artillery, their HTML5-based platform will be able to significantly cut down video game development costs, citing as much as a 50% decrease.

While the focus for the Artillery platform seems to be almost entirely on multiplayer games, there is no denying that creating a method not only for developers to cut down the costs of their game, but also bring a browser-centric experience to gamers across the globe has significant benefits.

Artillery is also hard at work with an upcoming game, tentatively titled Project Atlas. The game will work in conjunction with the teams Artillery platform and according to Sean ‘Day9’ Plott, is tailored to be “an accessible, multiplayer experience.”

Closed beta for Project Atlas will begin this winter, and those interested in Project Atlas can head here to be directed over to the Beta signup page.

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