Artist Channels Saul Bass for 2014 Best Picture Oscar Nominees

Geminianum is an artist who has released alternative movie posters for eight of the nine 2014 Best Picture Oscar nominees, which are based on the stylings of Saul Bass. Every movie poster has been remade to mimic the look and feel of Bass’s work to perfection.

The minimalist design is pleasing to the eye, and many of the images paint a picture of what each film is about. Head on down below to check them out. There’s also a collection of the original Saul Bass art pieces that these movie posters are based on.











Note from the artist:

2014 Oscar Nominees // Saul Bass Remixed

To make the task of creating alternative movie posters for this year’s Oscar nominees a little more interesting, I decided to limit myself to solely remixing famous work of Saul Bass instead of making something completely new. This way my options were very restricted, but at the same time it made the process of finding the solution of representing a movie visually somehow easier (confirming the known rule of ‘limitations driving creativity’).


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