Artist Creates Gruesomely Awesome Dissected Versions of Pop Culture Icons

Nychos is a street artist that specializes in colorful, yet morbid looking designs, and his latest work is being featured at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York. The solo exhibit is titled IKON, and is currently open and running until July 23rd.

The artwork being featured are dissections of a few pop culture icons–namely from movies–that expose the innards of said characters. The pieces range from Darth Vader to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and each one is as intriguing as all hell. Nychos essentially makes these iconic characters look like they’re being dissected in a HS biology lab by exposing their organs, tissue, and skeletons in a fashion that makes them look like their guts are being sucked from their skin.

The pieces really are unique, even if they’re overly morbid to look at, so head on down below and check a few out. You can learn more about the IKON show from the Jonathan LeVine Gallery website, and if you live close to New York City you should definitely plan on hitting up the show to see this fantastic geek art in person.

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