Artist Envisions Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic Along With Blunt, Efron, and Cena as the New Fantastic Four


During the press tour for A Quiet Place, the film’s star and director, John Krasinski, mentioned that he’d be down to play Reed Richards, aka, Mr. Fantastic in a rebooted Fantastic Four universe. It didn’t take long for the Internet to react to this proclamation, because we now have some fan art that shows off what Krasinski would like like as Mr. Fantastic.

The artist, who is none other than Photoshop Pimp BossLogic, took things a bit further and fully fleshed out a new cast for this not-happening-as-of-now second reboot of the film franchise. He envisions Krasinski’s real life wife playing Sue Storm, and based on his render I’m not opposed to Emily Blunt taking on the role of the Invisible Woman. Her brother would be played by Zac Efron, and I also can’t argue with his inclusion, because I think Efron could definitely play the cocky-as-hell Human Torch. Finally, BossLogic went with John Cena to play the Thing, and while Cena hasn’t quite shown the acting shops of a Dave Bautista, or even Dwayne Johnson, he’s getting better and could definitely pull off the look of the Thing if anything else.

Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts on BossLogic’s Fantastic Four fan art castings by leaving a comment below. You never know, if A Quiet Place makes a killing, there’s a great chance some studio executive will want to do a project with Krasinski and Blunt, so this concept may not just remain in fandom.


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