Artist Illustrates Brilliant Stylized Looks for Star Wars, DC, and Marvel

Alessandro Almeida

Here at EB we take pride in digging up various styles of geek art from amazing artists around the world that share similar interests in pop culture items that we do. Yesterday I shared some brilliant Star Wars posters featuring the female leads from all three trilogies from Andy Fairhurst, and now today I have some more brilliant and vibrant looking geek art selections from illustrator Alessandro Almeida.

Alessandro’s style is rooted in animation, so his geek art has a cartoony feel with an edge to it. His faces and body lines are very straight edge, but the overall proportions are skewed enough to give his work a cartoon feel. He has crafted some great pieces based on the Star Wars, DC Comics, and Marvel franchises, so I’ve sampled a few of his gallery images for you all to see. Being a huge Star Wars fan I was initially drawn to his recent The Last Jedi piece, but once I started digging through his gallery I found that his DC work is his best. I really dig his vision of Superman, and would love an action figure based on his style.

You can check out a few of Almeida’s geek art pieces below, but make sure to head over to his gallery to see all of his work.

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