Artist Recreates Four Iconic ‘The Last Jedi’ Moments As Pixelated GIFs

charsiew space

An artist who goes by charsiew space has faithfully recreated four iconic moments from Star Wars: The Last Jedi as retro looking video game GIFs, and they’re pretty brilliant. I’ll list them off in chronological order in terms of when they played out in the film, but if you’ve seen it, you’ll be intimately familiar with each GIF scene recreation.

First up we have a GIF of Rose Tico and her stun gun tool that she uses to keep Resistance members from jumping ship. The only addition to this GIF that would have been nice to see is Finn getting zapped into oblivion, but it’s pretty rad in its current form.

Next we have Rey battling Praetorian Guards, which quite frankly is easily the best action scene from The Last Jedi. The whole throne room scene in general stands out, but watching Rey and Kylo battling the Guards as a team was the highlight.

We now have Finn taking on Phasma, which was a short fight indeed, but Finn’s line at the end about being Rebel Scum is just too good, and it definitely sealed the exchange as a top moment in The Last Jedi’s climax.

Finally, we have the now iconic showdown between uncle and nephew, which like the rest of these moments is a definite shining moment in the film. I still remember the first time I watched this exchange then found out that Luke wasn’t really even present, which was one helluva revelation to take in.

Hopefully you enjoyed the work of charsiew space, so if you did head over to the artist’s gallery to check out more awesome pixelated GIF art!


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