Artist’s “Evolution of” Series Whimsically Captures Stages of Pop Culture Icons’ Careers

We’ve featured the art of Jeff Victor a few times on this site in the past thanks to his amazing stylized designs, which speak to geek art fans who appreciate the chibi design (big head, little body) aesthetic. One of his trademark series of prints feature the evolution of various pop culture icons and characters in art form, which feature the stages of a particular actor or character’s career and how they looked at a certain period of time.

His latest creations feature the evolutions of Harrison Ford, Sam Jackson, Alan Rickman, and RDJ, which you can see below amongst a few other choice selections. If you love this series as much as I do then you must head over to Jeff’s DeviantART page to see more prints from this series, as well as his other artwork.

tribute_to_alan_rickman_by_jeffvictor-d9o20jo the_evolution_of_the_terminator_by_jeffvictor-d8zrgof the_evolution_of_samuel_l_jackson_by_jeffvictor-d9ooa29 the_evolution_of_robert_downey_jr_by_jeffvictor-d97yqpd the_evolution_of_harrison_ford_by_jeffvictor-d9peso8 the_evolution_of_christopher_lee_by_jeffvictor-d8xl2vz

If you REALLY enjoy what Jeff does then you can purchase a few of his prints from his online store. He’s also running a Kickstarter for his second art book, which you can pledge your support to now. It’s already made the funding goal, so anything extra will go towards stretch goals, so show Jeff your support and help him bring his second book to the public today!

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