Ashen Exudes Mystery and Inspires Exploration

Microsoft’s E3 showing was pretty impressive this year, proving to be an interesting mix of triple-A titles and charismatic indie games.

One of the most notable indie games revealed today, Ashen, looks to cater to our innate desire to explore and generally just wander through interesting locations.

Ashen, developed my Aurora44 Games, throws players into a world where there is no sun. The world of Ashen is dark, with the only natural light stemming from volcanic eruptions that cover the land in a thick ash. Exploration and creating lasting bonds are the core tenants of Ashen, as players take on the role of a wanderer with no where to go.

The Ashen reveal trailer, seen above, is mysterious and sublime. The character models seen have no faces, presumably to allow characters to generally treat them as a blank slate to cast their own emotions upon.

Aurora44’s upcoming game seems to have a lot of potential. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates and information as they become available.


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