It’s been a little over two months since the release of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, and with it came the release of a companion app for the game. The concept behind the app is relevativelty simple. You can use your Apple or Android device to pull up a map, manage your fleet, or rummage through the various collectibles found in the game. In my opinion, Ubisoft made a very smart move in releasing the app for AC4, because it keeps you engaged in the game without the need to pull up menus.

If you’ve played AC4 long enough then you probably already have a decent fleet of ships assembled that are ready to do your bidding. The app allows you to easily engage in ship battles and rack up some diamonds for use. It also allows you to send your ships out on missions, making it quite easy to find upgrades and other items to purchase. The app really comes in handy when you’ve got that itch to play AC4, making it very convenient to maintain your fleet at all times of the day.


If you are the type of gamer that must collect everything, then the AC4 companion app will come in handy for you. With the app you are also able to pull up the in-game map and view the current location you are at, which gives you a better idea of what collectibles are nearby without having to pause the actual game. One of the cool features is that it allows you to set a waypoint through the app, so if used properly apps like this could mean the end of hitting the start button and pausing the action taking place on screen. It definitely allows you to stay more immersed in the game world, which is always a good thing in massive open world games like Assassin’s Creed 4.


While progressing through the game you’ll start to collect various notes, treasure maps, and shanties. Who wants to stop playing to read a letter or a note though? These documents are accessible through the app, which is yet another benefit to having it pulled up on your device while playing the game. You’ll be able to get to all those documents and read them on your downtime, and not during a frantic action sequence.

If you feel like a bit of pirate karaoke? Pull up the app, select the shanty of your choice, and sing to your merry hearts desire. Hunting booty is also made easy with the app. Simply go to the coordinates on the map, pull up the app, and it’ll be easy to find your booty.


If using an app while playing is your thing, then definitely download the Assassin’s Creed 4 companion app to your Apple or Android device. Best of all, it’s free! The Xbox One has smart glass for games like Dead Rising 3, but AC4 has its own app, giving it slightly more polish than the standard smart glass companion apps. Even if you have no interest in using it for all the features, but you want the reales, do yourself a favor and download the app.

It’s obvious that gaming is already starting to change with the introduction of the next-gen consoles this past November. Mobile apps and companion clients are all the rage these days, and Ubisoft found a way to keep you even more engaged with AC4 by incorporating a very robust mobile app. The future of gaming is looking bright.



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