Assassin’s Creed Rogue was the silent fart that eeked out of Ubisoft’s ass right when the watery shit-splosion of Unity came roaring out of said ass.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to sugarcoat it.

I cannot honestly figure out why Ubisoft thinks that they needed to remaster Rogue, unless maybe their plan is together every single Assassin’s Creed game onto current-gen consoles. I guess Rogue was just the flavor of the day this time, maybe eventually they’ll just release a giant box set with 14 different statues inside and sell it for $5,000.

I mean, I’d buy it.

Thank god for this trailer, or else I might have forgotten what Rogue was about, considering I didn’t know a single person that ever wanted to play it. Unity and Rogue were just the perfect Yin and Yang of 2014, but instead of one being good and one being bad, they were both just an elongated wet fart. Double fart.

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