Atari had a handful of pretty awesome things at this year’s E3, my favorite of which was Tempest 4000, a sequel to Tempest 2000. Situated in the JW Marriott Hotel, they had a cozy view of the city, and I got my hands on the Atari Flashback Classics, Roller Coaster Tycoon Joyride and Adventures, as well as the aforementioned Tempest.

Joyride was a highly enjoyable PSVR game where you basically get to craft and ride your own roller coasters in VR. Not only that, but it becomes a turret shooter, with different weapons available at the start of each level. I played a fairly basic level for the sake of not wanting to barf in their nice hotel room, but even that was pretty satisfying to play. The coaster reacted in a natural way to either going up or down certain parts of the track, so I can imagine that building a fast track with lots of hills could prove for a difficult level.


Roller Coaster Tycoon Adventures is coming to the Nintendo Switch, and has some pretty cool features going for it. Fans of the original games will likely really enjoy it, it’s got four kinds of environments for you to build your parks in, and tons of options for your park. All kinds of random events can effect your park like a bear just showing up, and depending on how you deal with the bear, the park’s standing will change. People may think it’s cruel if you have the bear taken away, rather than letting him run his course and leave, and vice versa, he could maul your customers. There’s some real potential here to introduce RTC to a new generation, being that it’s on the Nintendo Switch, and that makes it even better!

Tempest 4000 was my favorite game that I played there and it was the perfect sequel to Tempest 2000, which was already a great game. For those that don’t know about the Tempest games, they are a couple of really awesome vector-art-style shooters. Basically you’re a claw that rests on top of a wall and must shoot enemies that try to reach the top of the wall as they come up. I know that sounds just weird  and dumb, but it’s actually a fantastic arcade game with amazing music and visual effects. If you’ve never listened to any of the music from Tempest 2000, you definitely should because it’s some hot shit, I love it.

The Flashback Classics for the Nintendo Switch is a compilation of the Flashback Vol. 1-3, and it’s got right around 150 classic Atari 2600, 5200, and arcade games. After the release of Ready Player One, I could see a whole lot of kids getting into Atari games, and again, the Switch is the best place for them. There isn’t too much to cover in that sense, it’s a bundle of old Atari games, and it’s a grand old time!

I was pleasantly surprised with what Atari had to offer me at E3, and although they couldn’t offer me too much info on the VCS besides what we all already know, I was happy in the end! I think we can expect some rather cool stuff from them in the coming year, which is something I didn’t think I’d be saying about Atari any time soon.

Color me happily wrong!

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