Atlus Announces Etrian Mystery Dungeon Localization

Atlus has officially confirmed that the much-speculated upon Etrian Mystery Dungeon will be releasing in the West in Spring 2015.

A crossover of Atlus’ insanely addicting Etrian Odyssey  series and the Mystery Dungeon roguelike games, Etrian Mystery Dungeon looks to take two of the handheld world’s best franchises and combine them in one must-have package.

Accompanying the announcement, Atlus has also released the first English screens of the game, allowing viewers to get a glimpse of some character designs and party mechanics. The new screenshots can be found in the gallery below.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon promises to be absolutely jam packed with content, offering players never ending, completely randomized dungeons, an unfathomable amount of loot to uncover and equip, and a dynamic combat system that perfectly combines the nuances of both Etrian Odyssey and the Mystery Dungeon titles.

Stay tuned for more Etrian Mystery Dungeon updates as they become available.


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