Atlus to Release Lost Dimensions in the West

Atlus today announced that Lost Dimension will be headed towards a Western release later this year. Set to release for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, Lost Dimension is a tactical role-playing game with a serious twist.

As the protagonist of Lost Dimension (named Sho), players will be responsible for forging bonds with the other warriors in their midst. The catch, it seems, is that there are traitors among those warriors you consider party members. Sho must use his psychic abilities to rifle through the minds of his companions and determine who must be sent to trial for being a traitor. Those selected will be erased from existence.

Lost Dimension does not give players the instant satisfaction of knowing that they made the right choice. Players will not know whether their selection and elimination of characters actually resulted in the traitors being removed until the very end of the game. If players didn’t remove all of the traitors, they will inevitably turn on Sho at the game’s final battle, adding to the difficulty.

Pay attention, Lost Dimension is going to be one strange ride.

Lost Dimension is set to release this summer.


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