Atomic Green Lantern Headed to Infinite Crisis, Preview New Assets


The next DC super hero slated to appear in the Infinite Crisis MOBA title for PC is none other than Atomic Green Lantern. This Hal Jordan variant will be added to the roster of playable characters in Infinite Crisis on October 28, 2013. Warner Bros. has released a new character trailer and screenshots (embedded after the break) to help gamers understand who this character is, and what he can bring to the MOBA space.

Brief character summary:

Atomic Green Lantern spawned out of a tragic accident that Hal Jordan was involved in that left him without an arm, and his power ring embedded into his chest. A few weeks after the accident Hal was transformed into Atomic Green Lantern thanks to a deal he made with a shady character offering to restore his rings power. His power ring was restored thanks to a nuclear isotope, but Hal was forever transformed by the process, and even grew a construct arm to replace the one he’d lost.

Head on down below to find out what Atomic Green Lantern can bring to the table once he’s released for Infinite Crisis on October 28, 2013.

Infinite Crisis is a PC only title that is currently in a closed beta. To sign up for the beta head on over to the official site.



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