Attack of the Gelatinous Blob Demo Details and Screenshot Preview

bf0d457198b230c390473bddaeae28c9_largeIndie developer Paper Machete Games has just announced a new Kickstarter campaign for its Attack of the Gelatinous Blob RTS for Mac and PC.

Attack of the Gelatinous Blob will mix elements from both the RTS and tower assault genres as players control Dr. Blob. The old Doc has the ability to control the blob horde, and can command them to take on different abilities based on what they eat. His goal, world domination with the help of some green slime.

For more details on the Kickstarter campaign follow this link. If you want to get some hands on time with the game you can check out the demo for Windows here. If you’re more into looking than hands on action there’s a preview trailer and some screenshots of Attack of the Gelatinous Blob after the break.

Attack of the Gelatinous Blob will release during the spring of 2014 if its Kickstarter goal of $20K is reached.

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