Attack on Titan seems like one of those franchises that’s just been going and going forever… but it’s only got a few seasons, it really ain’t that long. With everything coming to a climax finally, the new game looks pretty explosive, even for a series with as much emotional weight and drama as this. The music alone in the trailer combined with some fantastic voice acting makes me wanna jump right back into the franchise right now. I barely got through the first season myself, and was shortly thereafter sucked into JoJo, which made me completely forget AoT.

There’s no gameplay in the trailer for the game, but there’s some story… if you speak Japanese, so that’s cool I guess. The game boasts 40 playable characters, so here’s hoping that they’re all unique and not… you know… copy-and-pasted characters that look a little different.

Regardless, it looks action-packed, and you should check out the trailer above for yourself and let us know what you think!

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