Autism – A New Skill For Vegas

Now before you start calling me a horrible person for making light of a serious condition just keep reading.  I like many others are fascinated by what Alex Hermann has done with his NCAA bracket.  Alex is a 17 year old autistic kid who up until last night had a perfect NCAA bracket filled out.  Why is that special?  Well the odds of someone picking the first two rounds of the bracket correctly are 1 in 13,460,000.  We’re talking worse than winning the lottery odds.

I’ve always felt for autistic people, but man do they have some super powers or what?  I agree that it’s not a fair trade off for their condition, but it makes you really wonder how powerful the brain can be if you know how to tap into the Jedi powers it secretly holds.  I’ll do it Rain Man style and take Alex to whatever gambling institution he wants to visit once he hits 21.  Unfortunately, he had his first lost last night but he still has done better than anyone in the world to this point.  I unlike the tools at the bottom of this link think it’s great, but like so many other things in this world people just don’t like to believe.  Read some of the comments from these douchebags, basically calling this poor autistic kid a cheat.  Only in America my friends, but free speech is free speech.

You’ve been enlightened…


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