I love you Toruk!  Who doesn’t love Toruk Mother F’ing Makto?  Before I go on with more Toruk Maktoing I’ll fill the two people in on who may not know what I’m talking about.  Toruk Makto is a legendary character in the Avatar universe that’s similar to a blue 10 foot Rambo alien.  Otherwise known as a bad ass, Toruk Makto is the hero of the Na’vi.  Again for the two people left on Earth who haven’t seen Avatar the Na’vi are the blue people that look disturbingly similar to humans except their blue and much taller.  On another disturbing note the lead female Na’vi, Neytiri, is also pleasing to the eye and she’s a digitally made 10 foot blue warrior princess.  Does that make me a weirdo??

Hey what can I say I’m a Sci-Fi fanatic and might take these fantasies too seriously, but that is how good Avatar is.  For the first time in a long time a Sci-Fi movie with almost all CG characters really made me feel a connection to them.  Unlike my buddy [slider title=”George Lucas”]Yeah I’ve picked on him twice today and you may think I hate him, but I really don’t.  Even though he royally messed up the prequels he still created one of the greatest stories of all-time, so much respect![/slider] who is a pioneer in CG work, Jimmy Cameron was able to do something with fake actors that no one outside of Peter Jackson has done, and that is make them real and able to invoke an emotional tie to the audience.  I’m not going to go into a suck fest over Avatar, but it really is a movie that could spawn another great franchise like Georgey did with Star Wars, and if you haven’t seen it on the big screen in 3-D shame on you!

Fear not though lazy asses and ADD victims.  The next great Sci-Fi franchise is soon to be on the whimsical Blu-Ray format on April 22nd.  If I’m not mistaken it’ll also be one of the first 3-D offerings for the ultra new and untested 3-D TV’s.  I must admit I’d love to watch it on 3-D at home, but I don’t think the tech is quite there yet.  Oh yeah it doesn’t hurt to mention that I also gave up a large sum of money each month by resigning from my corporate gig, so that plays a part as well.  Trust me if you haven’t seen this film yet you must pick it up when it hits the store shelves.  Hell I’m such a nice guy you can even pre-order it right from my Digital Store, which you can find at the top of this page, or by clicking on the previous link!  The store is with Amazon, so it’s all legit and they have it for a great price of $24.99, so get to clicking!  I hope you enjoy Toruk Makto as much as The Entertainment Buddha, and with that I say, “I see you.”

You’ve been enlightened…


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