Avengers: Endgame Clip Reveals Where Captain Marvel Has Been and the Team’s Initial Plan to Go After Thanos

Today on GMA, a clip from Avengers: Endgame was shown off, and it reveals what may go down early on in the film, as well as what Captain Marvel was up to after the events of her origin film.

The clip reveals more of a scene that we’ve seen various shots of in the trailers. I’m guessing that this scene takes place very early on in the movie, possibly soon after Captain Marvel arrives back on Earth, which was teased at the end of her film.

It appears as if the remaining Avengers have been tracking Thanos, and can tell every time he uses the Infinity Stones. Rumors have said as much, and apparently they will track him down to a location called the Garden. The scene definitely hints that the team is all in on this plan, and that they will go and fight him to try and use the stones to undo the snap.

A few question how they will beat him this time around, to which Captain Marvel explains they now have her, which she believes will turn the tide. Based on Black Widow’s hair, I do believe this all takes place soon after the events of Infinity War, because her hair is till fully blonde and short, signaling that not much time has past. We have seen her hair long and red again in the trailers, so again, this probably takes place early on in Endgame, and the plan probably fails miserably, which is why they resort to the expected time travel tactics to undo Thanos’ snap.

The clip also reveals what Captain Marvel has been up to since her departure from Earth in the 90’s. When questioned by Rhody as to where she’s been, she tells him that there are many more planets in the galaxy, and they didn’t have their form of the Avengers on them to protect them, so yeah, she’s basically been a one hero action force for defenseless planets across the galaxy.

You can check out an interview with the core Avengers below, which aired before the clip above.

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