Avengers: Endgame Special Look Trailer Breakdown and Plot Speculations

Earlier today a new special look for Avengers: Endgame was released, and among other things, it provided the first look at Thanos in his battle armor as the Avengers look to reset his snap.

The trailer is only a minute long, but it’s packed with almost all new footage, so naturally I had to breakdown each new scene shown off to speculate what may be going on in each one. I think out of all of the released trailers, this one provides the most clues in regards to the time travel motif we’ve heard about this film, and Black Widow’s hair is the key to it all. Not beating Thanos, but in pointing out that there will be different timelines explored in this film.

For example, I believe the film will start out post IW sometime in the future, maybe a year or so after the snap. This is confirmed with Black Widow’s red hair and blonde tips look, which implies her hair has had ample time to grow out since the events of IW. Now based on a new shot from this trailer, we will also see a fully blonde Black Widow again, so unless she feels the need to die her hair blonde every time she fights Thanos, it looks like we will see the IW-timeline Black Widow at some point.

There’s also an interesting interaction between Cap and Tony, which may imply that one is from the future and is telling the other about what goes down and how to prepare? Who knows, but certain elements about looks and costumes make me believe that multiple timelines will be explored.

Finally, I’m also speculating that Captain Marvel hooks up the team with light speed travel, because there’s a shot of what looks to be the Milano traveling through hyperspace.

I discuss this and each new scene in the video breakdown above, so check it out!

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