Avengers: Endgame is a thing now thanks to the release of its first trailer today. The Internet is happy, for now.

While it was over 2-minutes long, it kept its cards close to its vest, and didn’t reveal much at all, but it was still curiously eye opening. Keeping with tradition, I went ahead and grabbed 30 stills from the trailer to analyze and create a trailer breakdown video, which you can check out above.

This was a rather simple breakdown due to the nature of the trailer, but I think it offered up a few key insights. Most notably among them are the fates of Tony Stark, Scott Lang, and Clint Barton. We know for a fact that Tony gets off of Titan in the Milano, and he’s more than likely with Nebula, but he’s on his last legs due to lack of food, water, and air. We also know that Scott Lang somehow gets out of the Quantum Realm, and goes to Avengers HQ. We also know that Clint is embracing his Ronin-side, more than likely due to the fact that his family got wiped out in the snap event.

I was a bit surprised that the trailer showed Scott out of the Realm, because I thought that would be a big part of the film’s plot, but it looks like it won’t be. Rather the Russo’s may have opted to get him out conveniently, so they could spend more time on him helping the remaining Avengers with their plan. Hell, he could be the one who gives them the plan that Natasha and Steve are talking about in the trailer.

As it stands now, this is what we know about Avengers: Endgame’s plot and characters:

  • Tony and Nebula are stranded in the Milano and Tony is close to dying
  • Natasha, Steve, Bruce, Thor, and Scott appear to be holed up at Avengers HQ, which is where they will form “The Plan”
  • Shuri is definitely among the MISSING
  • Thanos is a farmer enjoying life on Titan 2
  • Clint has gone rogue and is now Ronin, more than likely due to his family getting snapped away
  • Natasha and Steve are involved in executing “The Plan”

Stay tuned for more Avengers: Endgame coverage as new information becomes available. Also, there’s supposed to be a trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home dropping tomorrow, so it looks like we may be working on the weekend to break it down too!


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