‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Budget Reportedly Hits the One Billion Mark

Marvel continues to capitalize on its superhero movie success, and as the cash comes pouring in, they’re able to put more into their films to make them bigger and (hopefully) better. It’s recently been rumored through sources at NYCC that the next two Avengers films will combine for a whopping one billion dollar budget. Infinity War Part I and Part II are presumed to pit the Avengers  against Thanos in a battle over the Infinity Gems that have been displayed throughout the MCU. Marvel has used their films to steadily build up the overarching plot, giving Thanos limited screen time and more or less hinting at the gems as opposed to making them the specific plot outside of Guardians of the Galaxy.

It’s also rumored that of the billion dollar budget, four hundred million of it is going towards the screenwriter, director, producer, and principal actors. Of that principal acting budget, Robert Downey Jr is expected to receive half. Not a bad rake for the man that helped bring Iron Man to life back in 2008.

Per Marvel’s phase plan, Part I is scheduled for May 2018, with Part II coming a year later.


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