Avengers: Infinity War – The Last Shawarma Fan Art Perfectly Captures The Current State of the MCU


It’s time for more BossLogic awesomeness, and this creation is even better than the recent X-Force Deadpool banner we shared a few days ago. Now this bit of geek art is still rooted in the Marvel universe, but it’s centered around the proper MCU, and not the offshoot universe that Deadpool lives in.

Like most of us, BossLogic was highly motivated after seeing the final Avengers: Infinity War trailer, but rather than just put up speculation videos on it, he used it as a bit of creative motivation and whipped up an awesome art piece that he titled “The Last Shawarma”. Depending on your knowledge of religion, his Avengers themed art piece also pays homage to the iconic “The Last Supper” painting, which shows Jesus with his Apostles breaking bread for one last time.

BossLogic took that concept and mashed it with the MCU, so rather than having the Apostles flank Jesus for his las meal, you see the Avengers and other MCU characters flanking Tony Stark. Stark is not only one of the founding members of the Avengers, but he’s also a fan of shawarma, which he shared with the Avengers after their first big fight together in the first Avengers film.

Now the true majesty of BossLogic’s piece are all of the nuances he has woven in. Just look at everyone’s different expressions, as well as all of the scenery, which is loaded with hidden references and Easter eggs. Luckily, BossLogic released a break down of each little part of the piece, which you can check out below. There’s also an animated version that a fan of his cooked up, so we now have fan art getting it’s own fan art, which is pretty freaking trippy.

If you like this Marvel themed art piece you can pick one up from BossLogic’s online print store.


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