Avengers: Infinity War Trailer 1 – Shot by Shot Breakdown Plus Things You May Have Missed

This morning Marvel released the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, and while it was dubbed a teaser, it packed in over two and a half minutes of pure MCU awesomeness. The trailer was so good that I had to do a shot-by-shot breakdown, so I grabbed a bunch of hi-res screens from the trailer and got to work. Below you will find a breakdown of all the major shots from the trailer with speculations on what may be happening in each one. I also try to point out little items you may have missed while the trailer played and you stared at it with your jaw on the floor. This looks like a mighty fine Marvel film, so let’s dive in!

The trailer opens with a shot from space. Due to the coloring it’s not clear if this is earth, but it more than likely is and is just glowing orange from the sun’s gaze.

We then see a shot of Tony Stark looking very distraught — almost as if someone close to him has died — but it’s unclear who or what has him so upset. Based on the background of this shot and Tony’s clothes, this could be taking place in NYC during Thanos’ arrival.

Bruce Banner is shown next, and it look like he has crashed through a building from the sky. This may reveal how he arrives back on Earth after we last saw him with Thor on the Asgardian spaceship at the end of Thor: Ragnarok. He possibly falls from space or a portal and crash lands somewhere back on Earth. That somewhere may be revealed in the next shot though. Anyway, it’s clear though that he’s separated from Thor and Loki, who can be seen in subsequent shots on their own.

I believe this is a continuation of the above shot, so Strange and Wong are looking at Banner, who has seemingly crash-landed through Strange’s hideout for some reason or another.

The trailer shifts to a scene between Vision and Scarlet Witch. The interesting aspect of this shot is that we get to see Vision in his human form, and it appears he and Wanda have progressed their love affair with each other.

Thor takes center stage in the next shot, and I’m going out on a limb and speculating that this is him on the Milano, which is the Guardians’ ship. He does appear on the ship towards the end of this trailer, but I think this is also a shot of him on the ship. The orange coloring is the giveaway for me, but he could still be on the Asgardian ship from the end of Ragnarok as well.

Here we see Bruce who appears to be in Wakanda now and is talking to Black Panther. It’s also curious that he’s next to a Hulkbuster arm, so I’m wondering if the Wakandans have been souping it up, or if Tony brought it there with him, because it looks like a lot of the action in this film will be taking place in Wakanda.

This shot gives us a clear look at Black Widow’s new blonde locks. Who knows why she went with the die job, but it looks good on her.

This scene further proves that Banner crash lands at Strange’s place. It also reveals that Strange probably contacted Stark about the arrival of Bruce, and all of these events appear to be related to the coming of Thanos, which is teased throughout the rest of the trailer.

Peter makes his first appearance next, and I loved the shot of the hairs on his arm standing at attention signaling that his Spidey-Sense has alerted him to impending doom. This doom is given form in the shape of a circle of death.

Here’s a closer look at the ring structure that has descended upon NYC. It seems to be leveling structures around it just from the force it is putting out. This is clearly a device from Thanos as he begins his attack on Earth, in particular in NYC.

This trailer really follows these four closely, because it appears that just as they all get together, all hell breaks loose. They’re clearly witnessing the arrival of Thanos and the ring structure, and all of them are blown away by what they see.

This shot and the one below it are directly related. To me these are dead Asgardians on the ship seen at the end of Ragnarok, and they’re dead because Thanos has taken the ship. We know Thanos comes upon Thor and Loki’s ship, so naturally he’s going to attack it, more than likely because he can sense that it has an Infinity Stone on it. Thanks Loki!

This takes place directly after the shot above, so it appears that Loki is giving Thanos the Space Stone to either save his people from further pain, or to be Loki and try to better his own position. I’m hoping he’s a changed man and he’s doing this to save his people, but Loki is Loki, so I could see this as another of his major betrayals.

Here’s the man of the hour! This is the first shot of Thanos to be featured in the trailer, and he arrives in a cloud of smoke, literally. I think he looks pretty good, and like the Hulk CGI you can still see resemblances to the actor playing him, who in this case is Josh Brolin.

After Thanos arrives the trailer shifts back to Peter Parker, who now is in his new Avengers Spider-Man gear, so at some point between the end of Homecoming and this film he must decide to join the Avengers after all. I’m guessing this takes place right after Peter spots the ring from his bus seat. You know Peter is going to dive headfirst into trying to take it out as soon as he sees it, so I do believe this continues the previously shown scene of Parker on the bus.

We head into another sequence of shots, and this time they feature Thor trying to keep some sort of space structure together. I’m not versed enough in deep Marvel lore, so I’m not sure what this structure is, but it’s clear that it’s jacked up and Thor is doing everything in his power to keep it from falling to pieces.

Again, this shot is shown right after the one above, and Thor is doing his damndest from keeping something from ripping apart. This could very well be the engine room of his space ship, so he could be trying to salvage it from utter destruction after Thanos more than likely attacks it. I’m guessing Thor fails and this is how he ends up floating in space and smacks into the Guardians’ ship.

Cap makes his first appearance in the trailer in this shot, and he is more than likely on Wakanda because some sort of funky looking dude tries to spear him. This all takes place as a voice over from Black Panther can be heard and he’s asking someone to get Cap a shield.

Speaking of the King, here he is delivering that exact line. We know that Cap and Bucky were last seen on Wakanda, and they’re clearly on Wakanda in this trailer, so it’ll be interesting to see if they pop up in the Black Panther movie or not. If anything, I bet they’ll be in an end credit scene to set them up for Infinity War.

A bearded Cap is a better Cap. Enough said.

The action shifts back to Wanda, who appears distressed. I’m guessing this is taking place at the same time as an upcoming scene that shows Vision being attacked for his Infinity Stone. No one is safe from Thanos’ forces.

Cue the Hulkbuster! That arm from an earlier shot also has a full suit to go with, so clearly Tony has the Hulkbuster armor at Wakanda, which is appearing to be the main battleground of this film.

The trailer starts to turn into an action montage, and first we get to see Black Widow stabbing someone or something. Not much going on here, but it’s the Black Widow doing what a Black Widow does, so why not throw it in here.

Strange makes another appearance in the trailer and he’s looking at something, which is more than likely the ring structure from previous shots. It appears that Thanos will attack NYC first, and then make his way to Wakanda, or vice versa really. It’s too hard to tell because this trailer is edited perfectly to keep the timeline a mystery.

These appear to be structures falling from the sky and I believe they’re landing on Wakanda grounds. We can assume that they are probably troop transports for Thanos’ forces, or some sort of WMDs. The setting of Wakanda is shaping up to be a main focus in this movie, so I can’t wait to see it in full in Black Panther, which will probably shed more light on why the location will be so popular in Infinity War.

Like I said the trailer has shifted into an action montage, so here we see Cap, still with a beard, fighting alongside other Wakandans and Avengers against Thanos’ four-armed goons.

Now it’s Black Panther’s turn for an action shot as he fights off a solider from Thanos’ army.

In this shot Spider-Man tries to take on Thanos by himself and it doesn’t go too well. The shot after this is another one of Tony that we first saw at the beginning of the trailer, so maybe he’s so distraught over the fact that Peter gets nearly killed or beaten to a pulp. Either way, Spider-Man is clearly no match for Thanos.

Emotionally devastated Tony Stark returns. Could he be mourning an actual death of a major character? I doubt it’s Spider-Man because he has his own standalone movies to worry about, but it could be a major Avenger from the backup squad.

If you’re wondering why Thanos is attacking Earth it’s because he wants the stones, so here we see his forces trying to remove Vision’s stone. I don’t think this will end well for him considering it is what brought him to life, so could this be the end of Vision as we know it? You know Thanos will get all of the stones right?

This shot confirms that Loki — either through free will or by force — has given Thanos the Space Stone, which we can see him inserting into the Infinity Gauntlet.

We get another great shot of Thanos with the gauntlet, which has two out of the six stones in place. He has the Space and Power stones inserted, so he must’ve raided the Nova Corps at some point to get the Power stone back. It’s not clear if we will see this in the film or not, but it appears the Powers stone is the first one he retrieves.

This isn’t going to end well for Tony? Is this it for Iron Man in the MCU?

Bucky locks and loads for a big charge, which is taking place on Wakanda. We know Bucky is there because he was taken there for treatment at the end of Civil War. He now seems to be cured and is fighting alongside Wakandans and Avengers against Thanos’ forces.

The Black Panther will not be outdone by Bucky’s lineup. He too is ready to charge in what appears to be a last ditch stand on Wakanda against Thanos and his forces.

Falcon stars in the next two shots, but the interesting thing about this one is that you can see the Hulkbuster in the fray as well.

Here’s a better shot of Falcon going HAM with his submachine guns.

Black Panther can be seen leading a major charge against Thanos’ army.

This Avengers trailer wouldn’t be complete without a team money shot, so here it is. You can see War Machine, Bucky, Widow, Cap, Black Panther, Hulk, Falcon, and Nakia. This is a pretty awesome shot and one that will surely get the nipples of all Marvel fans erect when they see it play out on the big screen.

The trailer concludes with a nod towards Thor’s arrival on the Milano with two shots. Here he is perplexed as to where he is at, and who the people staring at him are. This must be right after the Guardians pick him out of space, so again there’s a great chance that Thanos’ attack on Thor’s ship destroys it and sends him hurtling off into the cosmos.

Thor, meet the Guardians of the Galaxy! I can’t wait to see how this group interacts with the traditional MCU characters. They’re by far my favorite MCU bunch, so I think they’ll bring a fresh feel to the Avengers films and add a little levity into this very dark looking movie.

There you have it MCU fans. What a trailer! I can’t wait to see the others and break them down as well, because this film has potential to be massively awesome and also tragic, so make sure to stay tuned to EB for our continuing coverage of Avengers: Infinity War.


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