Avengers: Infinity War Would’ve Been Over Quick Based on This Alternate Opening

The How It Should Have Ended YouTube channel is still not done with providing alternate endings or scenes for Avengers: Infinity War, because today the channel has released yet another different ending for the epic MCU film.

In the animated parody the film ends nearly as soon as it starts thanks to a slight tweak to the Asgardian ship scene. Rather than using the bifrost to send Hulk back to Earth to warn the other heroes, Heimdall uses it on Thanos and his children to drop them out into space. I mean it makes perfect sense if we really want to get nitpicky with a fictional movie about people and aliens with superpowers, but that’s what makes these parodies fun. The movie did in fact use space as a weapon of death for one of Thanos’ children, so why wouldn’t it work for the others?

Head on up above to see how the opening scene could have played out differently, effectively saving the world from Thanos’ snap before he even gathered all of the stones.


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