Avengers, Justice Leaguers, and The X-Men Battle in Superhero Fightclub Video Remix

The Eclectic Method have cooked up a pretty cool remix video for comic book fans, which pits heroes from various comic book franchises against each other while set to a catchy beat. In particular, the Avengers, members from the Justice League, and certain X-Men all break free of their own movies to slap each other around in a rad looking video edit. You can see Thor fight Wonder Woman, or Superman fight the Hulk, plus many other interactions that comic book fans would die to see play out in an actual movie.

Head on up above to check out this superhero fightclub mashup!

About the Video

Are you waiting for the Avengers, Justice League, X-Men crossover movie? I’ve saved you some time by cutting out all the characters and making them fight each other. Irrespective of trademarks and exclusivity deals all heroes are brought together to battle. Watch Wolverine reconstruct Batmans face with an elbow only to get a slapping from Spiderman. Marvel’s Thor takes on DC’s Wonder Woman and Superman Battles an axe wielding Hulk.


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