Awesome Fan Response to Lebron James Nike Ad “What Should I Do?”

Regardless if you agree or disagree with Lebron James and his decision to bail on Cleveland to chase a championship in Miami, you have to feel bad for Cavs fans.  I’m all for Lebron doing what he wants to do, it’s a free country.  Although, I still think his prime time show to make the announcement was heinous and highlighted what type of guy Lebron may be.  Plus, he can never mention himself to be among the NBA greats like Jordan and Kobe, because he isn’t.  He didn’t want to be “the” man in Cleveland, so he took the easy way out and signed up to play with 2 other NBA All-Stars.  To make things worse, he just did a Nike commercial in which he asks us, “What should I do?”  It’s a little self-serving, and Lebron’s attempt at getting some sympathy.  It may have worked with the rest of the World, but some Cleveland fans took exception to it and made their own version of the Nike ad.  Check it out below, it’s awesome and Lebron’s question gets answered for real.  You’ve been waiting for some Cavs fans to do something like this…

Cleveland Fan’s Response to Lebron’s “Rise” Commercial


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Lebron James “Rise” Commercial & Cleveland’s Response

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